Value-Added Services

YTO Express International is committed to providing customers with various value-added services to meet your diversified needs of cross-border logistics supply chain. In addition to the current value-added services, YTO international is constantly updating its service pattern so as to provide customers with more innovative logistics services, optimize service experience and promote your business expansion.

International Freight Forwarder

I. Introduction to COD Service

The transaction agreement reached between the consignor (seller) and the consignee (buyer) requires to provide the consignor with the service of logistics delivery , collect the payment from the consignee on behalf of the consignor as well as return the payment to the consignor at the agreed time.

·Cooperation Mode

We have signed the COD Service Agreement for VIP customers with YTO, and the cargo we sell conform to the relevant regulations of product quality, hygiene license in Mainland China and Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, China.

·Scope of Service

Mainland China to Hong Kong, China and Mainland China to Taiwan, China.

·Refund Time

Multiple refund choices , such as settlement on the second week, settlement every other week and monthly settlement.

·How to Charge?

For details, please consult YTO Overseas Marketing Department.

·Service Advantages

Fast turnover rate, low handling charge and flexible settlement.

II. Introduction to Picking-up at Hong Kong Airport

If customers have any requirement of picking-up from Hong Kong Airport, YTO in Hong Kong can provide such service for customers, and deliver cargo to the designated address. Then it charges relevant additional service fee from the consignor according to the standard.

For details, please consult YTO in Hong Kong.

III. Introduction of Receiving Service on behalf of Customers

Customers can contact YTO in Hong Kong to arrange the salesman to pick up the cargo at the designated place in Hong Kong and transfer them to the designated consignee address around the world.

·Scope of Service

Hong Kong, China to the Worldwide

·How to Charge?

For details, please consult YTO in Hong Kong (please consult YTO in Hong Kong for more details.)

IV. Contact Information

Contact Information Customer Service Hot-line: 4006095554

Overseas Marketing:

YTO in Hong Kong: (E-mail)

+852 26979988(Service Tel)

+852 29984457 +852 98274859(Sales Tel)