International Express Mail

YTO Express International is a high-quality export line that has been fully built since 2015 with Taiwan as its starting point. With years of stable development, it has now developed into a domestic high-quality line operator. It provides delivery services in many countries and can handle general cargo and special cargo.

No. Product Name Delivery from International Warehouse - Time for Delivered Accessible Countries/Regions
1 Taiwan Economy Express [South China Export] 3-4 days for general cargo /4-5 days for special cargo Taiwan, China
2 Taiwan Economy Express [Shanghai Export] 3-4 days for general cargo Taiwan, China
3 Hong Kong Economy Express 2-3 days for general cargo /special cargo Hong Kong, China
4 European Economy Express [Shanghai Export] 7-9 working days Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece
5 European Economy Express [South China Export] 7-9 working days Britain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Monaco, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania
6 Japan Economy Express [Shanghai Export] 4-6 working days Japan
7 Japan Economy Express [South China Export] 4-6 working days Japan
8 Asian Economy Express [Shanghai Export] 4-6 days for South Korea, 8-10 days for other areas Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia (West Malaysia), Malaysia (East Malaysia), South Korea
9 Global Standard Express 2-7 working days after the delivery to DHL international express warehouse Worldwide