Specified solutions to your industry

Each sector has a unique supply chain and corresponding logistics requirements. So different solutions are needed for different sectors. The YTO international tailors its logistics solutions to your sector, including Fashion & Lifestyle, eCommerce, Aviation, Food & Beverage, Special Projects and High-Tech.

  • Fashion & Lifestyle

    The YTO international specializes in the Fashion & Lifestyle sector. We set ourselves apart from other freight forwarders with our expertise, experience and passion. That’s because we focus on the fashion market and keep pace with ...

  • Food & Beverage

    The logistic demands in the Food & Beverage industry are high: the YTO international has the sound experience to handle any kind of perishable cargo, especially when it comes to importing perishable cargo from Europe ...

  • Aviation

    Coordinated from China mainland, the YTO international offers a solid global Aviation Service, that provides clients with:

  • Special Projects

    Big sized, unusual, heavy and/or urgent cargo to forward? The On Time Special Project Division takes care of the entire project. By using our regional and global network partnerships, The YTO international can deliver all kinds of Project related solutions. ...

  • High-Tech

    The High-Tech sector is demanding. That is due partly to the high value of this goods flow, the stringent safety requirements within the logistics process and the rapid distribution of the products that is required. The On ...